• “Morrissey’s vocals escape the easy folk-rock comparisons, finding mustier, darker tones like Cleo Lane.  Her songs are laced with fresh passion and devilish temptation hidden within upbeat love songs. Morrissey’s music can carry you away to the sumptuous spaces and places in her mind, while her lyrical content is enchantingly witty.” – Ben Gerard, Flagpole


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  • Back in action, plus one

    After a productive break, with Roger and my new little teacher Bennett being born, we played our first postpartum show this weekend at a fundraiser for removing mines still left in Vietnam from the war. Project Renew is such important work and we’re glad to support it. Also, I got the sweetest email with this […]

  • Back in the Saddle

    Friends and countrywomen, I am back in action, after a summer of drifting from art museum to beach to hither to thither. Roger and I spent the beginning of the summer in Paris and got to play a bit there, which was fun. Most everyone speaks begrudging English and that was lucky because my French […]